Quelques Arpents de Neige


- 1.0 - There are 855 counters, not 750.
- 2.4 - Cannons do not need to move along rivers or coastlines to move through non-settled terrain. Cannons can move through any hex that has a river or coastline on one of its hexsides. Thus, cannons can move 'across' forested, foothill, or mountainous terrain from one river to another. The cannon are in effect 'portaging' across the terrain.
- 4.3 - There is a typo in the section 'Ports'. The sentence "there is a stacking limit of 12 naval units in a small port" should not have the word 'small' in it.
- 4.3 - Lakes act as rivers and coastlines for movement.
- 10.0 - Colonial Disapproval counters are placed on the colony disapproving, not on the turn chart.
- 14.0 - The 46th Regiment of Foot is not setup in Virginia. It arrives in Spring 1757. The 48th Regiment of Foot is setup in Virginia.
- Cards - There are two "Good Harvest" cards for the British. One should be for the French.