Quelques Arpents de Neige

The Counters

Quelques Arpents de Neige comes with 855 mounted counters (easy to cut as in Distant Foreign Fields), D6 and D10 dice, player aid cards, rulebook, event cards, and three maps split into 9 sheets. All game artwork is done by Bill Jhoslien with the cover art design by Steve Paschal The units in Quelques Arpents de Neige include regular infantry, colonial regulars, militia units, cannon, Ships-of-the-Line/Vaisseaux-de-Guerre, Frigates/Fregates, Merchants/Marchands, native units, generals, and admirals. All regular infantry regiments are the historical units that fought in the Seven Years War and they arrive in the game at their historical dates. Generals and Admirals also play a great role in the game and are also historically based and rated, ranging from the brilliant Brigadier Lord Augustus Howe for the British and Chevalier de Levis for the French to the fumbling Major General James Ambercrombie and Sieur de Vergors. And of course the famous Marquis de Montcalm, General James Wolfe, and Colonel George Washington are included. All French units maintain their historical French names (such as the Regiment des Volontaires Etrangers or the Milice du District de Quebec) and as demonstrated above the French naval units also maintain their historical French titles. Militia units from each colony are represented and fourteen native nations are included.